Thursday, 1 December 2011


The Sea is primordial. They say we actually came from the Sea. That the Constitution of our Blood resembles that of the Sea in an extraordinary Manner.

But maybe that doesn’t amount to anything: when was the last time you actually thought on how much you resemble other Human Beings? Or maybe it does, because you probably feel embarrassed with a Truth so close, and need to get something far-fetched to help you forget that you have scratched your Face after having touched the same Doorknob as hundreds of others, even though you try to ignore the Fact that you are letting your Dog lick that same Face after having had its Snout all over First Class Excrement.

That is precisely what the Sea is: changing Limits. Changing your Limits. The Sea is Water. Water is everywhere. Inside you. In the Air that comes in and out of you. In your Shit, your Urine. In your Infection. In your avid Word. In your Sadness and in your Laughter. In your Glass of Wine. In the Ecstasy of both your Orgasms. In the Placenta of your Future. Water. The Sea.

And they tell us we came from the Sea. Had you yourself never in your Life felt that? Have you seen the look of a Person looking at the Sea for the first Time? The Roar that sprays the Salt of Life leaving marks of White in your Skin? Have you ever licked yourself like a happy vagabond Dog after that? Or have you been on a Mountain? I mean, really on a Mountain, on top of it? Under a Stone there are Tears from the Earth that are so Pure they have the most exquisite Salts you can ever find for the benefit of your Health. And all those Tears gather. You see a Crevice, you take a Leaf, and the Drops become a delicate Creek. You reconcile your Hands, hermetically, and the Creek becomes a Pond for you to drink. And, little by little, Action by Action, the Water that has climbed the Mountain becomes the Sea, the embrace of the Earth, the biggest Reflection of the Sky you will ever have the Possibility of contemplating.

Have you ever gone Sailing? Because, if you have, and if you are wise enough to keep your Sails silent, you will ear what is it that you are All about. If you see a Tree, all the Ramification you will find above the Earth will be the same in Number as the one you will find below.

A sailing Boat can have a 7 metre Mast being hold on to by half a metre Centreboard. And this, just because the Water is so subtle and so strong. It is Archimedes in the Bathtub, some Baby Jesus being bathed by his Mother for the first Time, the real Baptism.

Salts and Crystals. They call upon you.

No matter how many Dams you build to try to stop this Miracle from happening, the Sea and its Mermaids are singing for you. The Mountain is crying for you. The Boat is frozen until the Spring.

The Physiological Serum. The Goddesses of Nouméa. An Art of your own brought to you with the fizzling Foam across the Sands of Time. The Uniting. The Golden Earring blessing the Obstacle of the Day. And you. A barefoot Child beholding the Power, and trying to explain it.

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