Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Charge of the Light Brigade

With the WikiLeak revelations that add Mark Abib up to an enormous role of Government Officials climbing the career ladder thanks to their passing on confidential or top secret information to the United States, eventually reaching the ranks of Prime Minister or President, one thing becomes mandatory, in my opinion.

If Assange is now a valuable man for the World because of the probable importance of the information he is representing, it lies in the hands of the UK to choose between Europe or the US.

Europe too must choose, and so does the rest of the World.

I don't believe anybody will be charging Assange for anything. If the US did so, they would be recognizing that the information he carries is genuine.

As a response to this, governments from across the World would be in the actual position of being able to charge these corrupt politicians that have been betraying the secrets of their own nations to the Americans, and charge most of the US diplomats for espionage.

And, oh yes, that would be an interesting somersault.

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